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Our Founder: Professional Educator With A Grandma's Heart

Over the span of three decades, Felida Kiddos Founder and Director, Jennifer Anne Manyak, M.A., has woven a unique and powerful tapestry of experience in the American educational landscape which she now enthusiastically leverages to teach, care for, strengthen and enrich the fantastic children of our local Felida community. Combining a multi-faceted and sophisticated educational career with the emotional intuition, attentiveness and intelligence that could only come from being and mother and grandmother, she looks very forward to providing the highest quality, compassionate and growth-promoting care for your little one(s)! Please read on to better get to know Anne--her educational  philosophy, technical savvy, and most importantly loving heart and passion for children. 

Upon earning her teaching credential, Anne began her career as a well-loved primary school teacher in California's public schools. She went on to earn her Masters degree and teach at the college level at California State University, East Bay. She is a published author and created her own proprietary course for health care providers to earn professional extra credit units. As a life-long learner always aiming for growth, she broke into the intersections of corporate curriculum development and cutting-edge educational trends by becoming Managing Director for a dynamic upstart in the charter school sector. Here, Anne led a team of educational professionals to create a 40,000-page curriculum in history and social studies for K - 8th graders that was successfully implemented in charter schools across the country.     

While her professional credentials and experience undoubtedly serve as an exceptionally stable foundation to inform much of our programming, Anne's true character is revealed in her more recently assumed identity of "Gaga," a name she was lovingly gifted by her granddaughter Bella who is her primary inspiration to serve more Felida Kiddos! In addition to mother- and grandmother-hood, Anne has built several longterm relationships with families as a caring and compassionate nanny. These are truly the richest learning experiences, and the patience, emotional intelligence and ability to communicate with little humans that our Founder acquired through hands-on care-taking is absolutely as important to our philosophy as anything taught in a credentialing program. 

This is the blend of qualities and knowledge that serve as the underpinning of our beautiful community. If you have more questions, Anne is always happy to schedule a  call or in-person appointment to better get to know our wonderful neighbors! 

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